NGO Piiri Köök (meaning litt. Border Kitchen) is situated in South-East Estonia, near Russian and Latvian borders. We started in 2011 with different workshops about traditional Estonian culture. Then we got interested in medieval kitchen and started making medieval banquets using ancient French and Italian recipes in a local medieval centre. After some time it seemed us that we should make a re-start and we decided to study our roots in kitchen. That is how we got interested in local (historical) Võru kitchen and started collecting information and recipes about it. As a result of 3 years work, we published a kitchen and cook book of Võru county in 2014. Nowadays we use those traditional recipes as a bases where we add local ingredients and our creativity. We propose different menus and trainings about traditional and healthy food.

We value slow life and slow food and believe in permaculture as a sustainable and abondant way of food producing.